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Radiation protective equipment

Radiation protective equipment 

If you have a company where you work with radioactive material or emit radiation, in this article we want to talk about radiation protection equipment. 

To begin with, we have to keep in mind that there are two types of radiation protective equipment

  • The systems that detect and monitor radiation. 
  • Personal protective equipment 

In this article we are going to see both equipment that contribute to maintaining the health of the workers in these facilities and prevent radiation. As well as the actions to be taken by the company itself to ensure the safety of workers. 

Basic rules of protection against any source of radiation: 

Before we start looking at radiation protective equipment and systems, let’s have a look at some basic rules. 

  • Radioactive radiation: What it is and types of radiation

It is generated during radioactive decay, when the atomic nucleus of some materials decomposes. Radioactive radiation its technical term is ionizing radiation which is divided into: 

Alpha radiation: helium nuclei containing two protons and two neutrons. Contact with this radiation at close range causes damage to soft tissues. 

Beta radiation: Formed by electrons which are negatively charged particles. Aluminum is a good protection against this radiation. Exposure to it can cause serious damage, but it is less aggressive than the previous one, alpha radiation. 

Gamma radiation: It is produced after the alpha or beta disintegration of a particle and is formed by short wave electromagnetic radiation. It is less aggressive, but it is more difficult to protect us against it, being necessary thick layers of concrete. 

  • Radiation protection: 

Protection against radiation will depend on the type of radiation we have. Even so, it is important to follow the three basic rules. 

Distance: Move away from the source since the greater the distance, the lower the intensity. For example, in the case of Gamma and X-rays, the intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source (inverse square law). 

That is, increasing the distance by a factor of 2 decreases the dose by a factor of 4. 

Shielding: Implement protective screens, such as the concrete walls or layers of lead sheeting mentioned above. 

Time: Decrease the time workers are exposed to radiation. 

In addition, we must not forget the ALARA (As low as reasonably achievable) principle. That is, exposures should be at levels as low as possible.

  • What a radiation protection program should have: 

Qualified personnel to be responsible for policies and procedures. As well as trained workers on radiological protection. 


Dosimetry program where personal exposure is monitored according to current law. 

Surveys and monitoring of areas to have documented radiation levels. 

Radiological controls and procedures depending on the type of emergency. And radiation protective equipment.

Radiation protective equipment

Radiation protective equipment:

As we said, there is personal radiological protection and control and prevention equipment. 

  • Personal radiation protection equipment: 

The preferred option is to limit exposure to the radiological source, but if this is not possible, there are some elements that help with protection: 

Protective suits that may include gloves, biosafety gown, goggles and glasses. In addition to dosimeters and respirators. 

Dosimeters are used for radioactive radiation in the work environment and are carried on the body. The aim is to be able to measure the exposure values of a worker. 

At Helgeson we have dosimeters available to companies to help monitor the workers’ health. 

Protective suits that exist from the heaviest to the lightest, as well as disposable ones so that radioactive particles are not deposited on clothing. 

  • Radiological protection equipment: 

As we have seen, the protection and control of radiation depends on the type to which we are exposed, therefore, in Helgeson as specialists in prevention and protection against radiation we have different radiation detection equipment that help companies to comply with regulations and offer safety to their workers. 

For gamma radiation: 

  • We have a Bed type whole body counter for internal dosimetry that measures the total body burden of gamma emitters and also approximates where the emitters are deposited within the body. 
  • Gamma portal for personnel monitoring designed for the detection and measurement of gamma radiation on exposed workers. They are designed to perform high speed measurements, allowing fast counting of a high volume of nuclear power plant workers.
  • Portable Gamma Portal monitor for personnel and vehicles designed for the detection and measurement of gamma radiation on potentially contaminated personnel, vehicles, etc. It has a very fast deployment (one person in 2 minutes) and can be used in several applications like emergency response, monitoring of critical facilities, monitoring of events like concerts, sport events, etc. 

For several types of radiation:

  • Beta gamma portal for personnel monitoring designed for the detection and measurement of radioactive contamination, BETA and GAMMA, on potentially exposed personnel.
  • Alpha beta gamma portal for personnel monitoring designed for the detection and measurement of radioactive contamination, ALPHA, BETA and GAMMA, on potentially exposed personnel. It has been specifically designed for controlled areas.
  • Beta gamma hand feet monitor multitasking equipment designed for the detection and measurement of radiation BETA and GAMMA on the hands and feet of potentially exposed personnel through a fully automatic operation.
  • Alpha Beta hand feet monitor designed for the detection and measurement of radiation ALPHA and BETA on the hands and feet of potentially exposed personnel through a fully automatic operation.

All this equipment, depending on the type of radiation, will allow the company to control and measure the radiation to which the workers are exposed. 

As we have seen, we differentiate equipment by type of monitoring, type of radiation and whether they are portable or not. The objective is to adapt to the different needs of the company to comply with the regulations and with the health protection of its equipment. 

In addition to the products, we offer Maintenance of radiation protection equipment and Internal dosimetry assessment services.

The aim of our maintenance service is maintenance and installation services for its systems and other manufacturers all around the world with a team of expert electronics technicians. 

On the internal dosimetry assessment side the objective is to help develop your internal dosimetry management plant including software for fast and accurate calculations. 

If you would like more information on how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us

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