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DIYS – Bed type whole body counter for internal dosimetry


Compact and easy to operate

The Helgeson “Do-it- Yourself Whole Body Counter” offers a low cost means of ensuring safety for personnel at nuclear facilities, laboratories, or hospitals.

The “Do-It-Yourself Whole Body Counter” measures the total body burden of gamma emitters and also approximates where the emitters are deposited within the body. The Helgeson “Do-It-Yourself Whole Body Counter” employs a scanning geometry, long recognized as the geometry which produces the lowest errors due to non-uniform source distribution. Its positional response is far superior to any chair or organ counter. 


Analytical software

Helgeson supplies analytical software, proven superior over many years, which provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of radioactive depositions. Our graphical representation of the data allows a technician to determine the quality of the evaluation.

  • Data Acquisition, continuous spectral display.
  • Data Analysis with graphs of original data and residuals.
  • Calibrations: Energy vs. Channel and Efficiency.
  • Parameter Modification for complete control: acquisition, analysis & miscellaneous parameters.
  • File Maintenance.
  • Miscellaneous Utility Programs.
  • Automatic dose estimation according to ICRP standards
  • 105-125 volts AC: 60 Hz, 10 Amp.
  • 200-250 volts AC: 50 Hz, 5 Amp.
  • Temperature max: 5 – 50ºC.
  • Humidity: 30%-80% noncondensing.
  • 10 cm of lead shielding around the detector(s) (adjustable).
  • 5 cm of lead shielding in bed sides and bottom (adjustable).

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