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HS-PORT – Portable Gamma Portal monitor for personnel and vehicles


The HS-PORT has been designed for the detection and measurement of gamma radiation on potentially contaminated personnel, vehicles, etc.

It has a very fast deployment (one person in 2 minutes) and can be used in several applications like emergency response, monitoring of critical facilities, monitoring of events like concerts, sport events, etc. The system is operated remotely with a mobile phone or laptop without any additional cable connection.

  • Customized number of detectors up to 3 detectors per pillar for gamma detection
  • Customized detector size for each customer and application: 100×15 cm, 30×15 cm, 15×15 cm, etc.
  • Typical efficiency per detector >25% (Co-60 gamma) >12% (Cs-137 gamma)
  • Compliant with FEMA REP-21
  • 220 VAC, 60 Hz or 110 VAC 50 Hz
  • Independent tablet for information and equipment control
  • Energy range: 50 KeV – 3 MeV.
  • Detection area per detector: up to 1500 cm2.
  • Each detector includes its own HV source & PMT.
  • Wheels to transport it to different locations easily
  • MDA <0,4 Bq/cm2
  • Alarms 100% configurable.
  • Option for NaI for spectrometry analysis
  • Automatic registration of all event, backgrounds, measurements, alarms, operation failures, etc.
  • Digital adjustment of the detectors (no any mechanical intervention is required)
  • Industrial PC with the latest OS Windows version
  • Calibration, verification and configuration modules
  • Software HS-RAD, that can be customized in any language
  • Voice module for customized voice messages
  • Remote operation can be included (TCP/IP)
  • USB connection for downloading all the data to an external device

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