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Radon gas detectors

Radon gas is a radioactive gas formed from the decay of metals such as uranium, radium or thorium. It is found naturally in the environment; therefore it is very common to come into contact with this toxic gas.

Radon can seriously harm the health of those who come into contact with it.

HSS has the necessary technology to be able to detect the presence of radon gas in your home or workplace in order to offer greater well-being and safety.


Why to install radon gas detectors

Installing a radon detector is essential since the presence of this gas entails a series of dangers for people’s health:


Gas radon presence

Most of the buildings and real state assets have the presence of radon gas that varies according to the geology of the place. Some homes register high levels of radon gas inside. This is because this toxic gas is directly in the ground and can escape through foundation cracks or other openings.

Serious health problems

Prolonged or systematic exposure to this gas can cause serious health problems. The most common is lung cancer, which can aggravate its symptoms if the person exposed to radon is also a smoker.

Reviews and measurements

It is essential to carry out reviews and measurements of radon gas to avoid suffering the pathologies that exposure to this toxic gas can develop. Homes and workplaces, because they are places where long periods of time are spent, are especially important when carrying out inspections.

Evaluating radon concentration

A space that has a radon concentration between levels 2 and 4 is likely to need some repairs or a second detection test to avoid aggravating its consequences. However, if the radon concentration is higher than 4, you should try to make the necessary repairs to avoid suffering from respiratory diseases.
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Experts in measuring radon

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends hiring a qualified radon mitigation specialist to repair your home, since reducing high levels of radon requires specific technical knowledge and special skills.

Without the proper equipment or technical knowledge, the radon level could increase or create other potential risks and additional costs.


HSS has the necessary material to detect the presence of radon gas. Industrial buildings, companies or homes may have radon gas meters to carry out the necessary checks for your peace of mind and well-being. Some meters include an alarm (if the user so wishes) that allows detecting the presence and amount of radon gas in a specific space.

HSS not only provides you with materials with detection systems for your safety, but also provides a maintenance service if you need it to guarantee the proper functioning of the material.

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