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What are Norm residues?

Do you want to understand what a Norm residue is, how it is produced and how it should be managed? 

Well, in this article we want to answer all these common questions about Norm residues. Do not hesitate and continue reading this interesting article. 

What is radioactive waste? 

Norm residues, as its name suggests, is waste. Therefore, before we start talking about this particular type, let’s see what a radioactive waste is. 

Radioactive waste is the residue that is contaminated with radionuclides and has no use. 

The institution which regulates this kind of waste in Spain is the CSN (Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear). And ENRESA, is the public entity that manages the country’s radioactive waste.  

What is a Norm residue? 

As we have seen, Norm residues are classified as exempt or declassifiable waste due to their level of radioactivity, but we must not forget that they are a type of waste that must be managed and disposed of. 

Specifically, NORM stands for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material. 

In other words, it is a type of waste that has a naturally occurring radioactive component, and consequently has radioactivity. 

Where are NORM residues generated? 

There are some minerals that contain levels of radionuclides that can be increased by their industrial treatment. 

Therefore, it is normal to find this type of waste in activities such as: 

  • Oil&Gas
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Titanium oxide industries
  • Mining industries

In what form can Norm residues be presented? 

This type of waste can be presented in different forms such as: solids, sludge, flakes… etc. 

How and why should Norm residues be treated? 

Once we have seen what these residues are, where they are produced and how, it is time to look at the treatment of Norm residues. 

There is a Regulation on Health Protection against Ionizing Radiation that defines the activities that involve the generation, storage and handling of these wastes. 

This regulation indicates the actions to be carried out by the producers of Norm residues. 

Specifically, it must be verified by these companies, that the radioactive content is within the levels established to be considered as exempt or declassifiable waste. And if these wastes must be managed by Enresa. 

In addition to these spanish regulations, there is one in Europe named «Application of the concepts of exemption and clearance to natural radiation sources». This legislation includes the classification of wastes and the importance of their management to minimize industrial wastes, preventing, reusing and incinerating these materials. 

I have Norm residues, what should I do? 

Once we have understood the legal framework and how the treatment of these residues should be carried out, it is important to have a company that helps you to understand this process to be within the legality and to get rid of the Norm residues. 

At Helgeson, if you are in the Oil&Gas and mining industry, we can help you with our NORM waste consulting service

With this service, you will have specialized help to understand the process to be carried out in your company. 

On the other hand, if what you need is the treatment of Norm residues, do not hesitate and discover what we can offer you. 

If you prefer specialized advice, guidance or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you. 

In Helgesson we have years of experience in the sector. Our clients endorse our results and management. Get to know us.

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