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SAM – 940+


Re-engineered Radio Isotope Identification Device

The new SAM 940+ is a re-engineered RIID (Radio Isotope Identification Device) designed to address a growing demand for fast, accurate isotope identification.

The new instrument reduces the burden on the operator by leveraging state of the art communication protocols to quickly relay information to a management team.

The lightweight design also limits fatigue in long operational scenarios or enables easy transport of your identifier in a belt holster or lanyard. In addition to ANSI compliant spectroscopic results and alarming, the user has quick access to the onboard camera for appending video or images to the spectroscopic reports. 

  • Detectors: Gamma, Neutron
  • Energy Range: 20 keV – 10 MeV (Gamma)
  • Reach-back: ANSI N42.42 or CSV event data
  • Typical resolution: NaI(Tl) < 7%, CLYC <5%, CLLBC<3.5% @ 662 keV
  • Library categories: SNM, IND, MED, NORM
  • Designed to meet all ANSI N42.34 requirements
  • Ruggedized Design – Water & Shock Resistant
  • One-click reach back connect (send files automatically)
  • Automatic System Calibration and Stabilization
  • Database protocol for log files and alarm events
  • Solid-state neutron detector
  • Multimedia support
  • Chamber volume can be customized to fit small objects up to drums and big bags

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