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QUICKY – Whole body counter for internal dosimetry


Designed to complement any health physics program

Helgeson “Quicky” In-Vivo Counter is designed to complement any health physics program which includes routine whole body counting.

The “Quicky” is used to rapidly screen personnel or it can be used with a fixed counting time to obtain more precise results. The printed results provide the documentation for subject identification, counting time and date. Results are reported in Becquerel or Nano curies. The “Quicky” can reduce your regular counting requirements and costs significantly.


User-friendly software

Software for the “Quicky” is “user-friendly” with a menu format which provides a variety of standard and optional operating programs. System performance software includes a Quality Assurance program which checks the electronics of system, reporting any errors to the operator. An Energy Calibration program allows the gains of the individual detector-amplifier systems to be adjusted to uniformity and conformity to the design parameters.

  • Data Acquisition, continuous spectral display.
  • Data Analysis with graphs of original data and residuals.
  • Calibrations: Energy vs. Channel and Efficiency, FWHM vs Channel.
  • Parameter Modification for complete control: acquisition, analysis & miscellaneous parameters.
  • File Maintenance.
  • Dose calculating software based on ICRP recommendations and approved by the Spanish Nuclear Council.
  • Height: 230 cm.
  • Width: 90 cm.
  • Length: 130 cm.
  • Weight (approx): 3000 kg .
  • 220 VAC, 60 Hz or 110 VAC 50 Hz
  • 2 units of HPGe LN2 or electrically cooled with 25% relative efficiency at 1,33 MeV
  • Resolution less than 0,85 keV at 122 keV and 1,8 keV at 1,33 MeV.
  • Option for up to 3 big volume NaI detectors of 4x4x16”
  • 10 cm of steel or lead shielding for the enclosure
  • 5 cm lead shielding and collimator for the detectors

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