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HS-FRM – Free release monitor for drums, containers and big bags


Different types of waste

The HS-FRM is a free release monitor to be used with different types of waste like drums, containers and big bags.

It is a chamber shielded from the influence of external natural radiation and consisting of detectors in each of the 4 side panels, ceiling and floor.

This allows to perform a fast and efficient detection and quantification of radiation from the waste present inside the chamber.

  • HPGe
  • NaI
  • Dose rate meter
  • Lead shielding of 5, 7 or 10 cm on all side panels, floor and ceiling.
  • Cylindrical drums of 200, 400 liters or similar 
  • Containers with dimensions similar to the Euro palette 120 x 80 x 74 and 120 x 100 x 74 cm (L x W x H).
  • Big bags

– Minimum detectable activity of Co-60 and Cs-137 for the densities indicated between 60 and

150 Bq or that ensure a detection of 0.025Bq/g.

– Measurement times of each container in the order of 1-3 minutes for the limits indicated.

– Ability to distinguish different gamma isotopic compositions present in the


– Ability to identify volumes or areas with residual content different from the rest of the

metered container

– Capability of continuous measurement and analysis of the background and detection of its variability to to be able to make compensations for the measurement of the material.

– Determination of the uncertainty of the gamma activity determined in the measurement,

in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 11929-1:2021.

  •  Calibration/verification module with dummies.

– Theoretical calibration of the geometry to be measured in addition to the dummies of


– Database of measurements carried out.

– Isotope Library.

– Library of geometries to be measured.

– Export import of data, preparation of declassification reports.

– Ability to analyze the measures after they have been carried out

– Implementation of different Scale Factors in the final assessment process

  • Internal scale indicating the mass of the measured container. The precision is less than 0.5 kg and the maximum mass to be measured of 1500 kg.
  • Opening system for entry and exit for measurement in continuous mode, with two automatic shielded motorized doors controlled remotely, equipped with a security system
  • Roller Conveyor system automated and controlled remotely
  • Security and alarm system, with security stop buttons for the conveyors, entrance and exit doors.
  • Safety sensors that detect the dimensions of the object to be measured, in order to prevent damage to the chamber and the waste packages
  • Remote control of the measurement process from a control post with fixed computers or laptops that allows both the manual mode and the automatic mode of measurement
  • CCTV that allow visualization of the process from the checkpoint.
  • Verification and/or calibration dummies 
  • System control UPS 
  • System for reading barcodes, QR codes, RFID or similar for visualization,
  • Acquisition and management of basic input data of the containers to be measured.
  • Laser printer.

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