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HPGe mobile spectrometer


Registration of gamma and X-Ray spectra for applications including: radiological monitoring of the environment; industrial and agricultural products; nuclear power facilities and equipment; and with the storage and processing of radioactive waste.



  • Optimal sizes and weight for mobile application
  • Detection unit is placed on a manually or electrically driven trolley
  • Trolley is equipped with a lead shield and collimator set
  • Lead shield thickness can be 25mm or 50mm depending on the application
  • Detection unit can be LN2 or electrically cooled
  • Possible to equip with large capacity batteries for autonomous operation in the field even with electrically cooled detection unit
  • Equipped with laser distance meter for more accurate measurement
  • Complete spectrometer can be characterized at factory
  • Simplicity of operation and servicing

Complete Set

  • HPGe detector for gamma spectroscopy 
  • Multichannel analyzer of operating with a laptop PC or tablet PC
  • Software packages for quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Advanced software package for characterization using Monte-Carlo calculations
  • Lead Shielding with collimator set
  • Manual or electrically driven trolley
  • Laser distance meter
  • Cable pack and documentation

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