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Descaling system for NORM waste


The objective of the Descaling unit is the elimination of scales attached to pipes and metal equipment used during Oil & Gas operations


For pipe decontamination

Scale is removed using high pressure water (up to 1400 bar) which removes adhered scale.

The system is fully automated and only requires operator supervision.

Contaminated metal equipment

A manual cleaning booth is installed to carry out the decontamination operation manually using a high-pressure water «gun». A hoist is installed inside the cabin to facilitate the handling of heavy metal equipment.

The system is designed to be transportable to any location in order to be able to perform several cleaning campaigns.

Cleaning cabinet:

Water treatment:

  • Diameters: 2” – 5” (can be customized up to 14 inches)
  • Length: 5 – 11 meters ( (can be customized up to 14 meters)
  • Ends: female/male or threaded
  • Material: carbon steel, alloys
  • Scale thickness: 1 mm – 70% of pipe vol.
  • Dose rate: 1 – 2 µSv/h
  • Rate pressure: 1400 bar – 20.000 psi
  • Flow: 50 L/min 
  • Power: 132 kW 380V/50Hz 3 phase

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