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Alpha spectrometer 12


Alpha Spectrometer α12 is intended for transformation of alpha-particle energies into electrical signals, their amplification, filtration, transformation and acquisition and further spectra processing with determination of intensities of spectral lines.

Bench top Alpha Spectrometer α12 contains 12 measurement chambers which enables simultaneous analysis of up to twelve samples.

Every Alpha Spectrometer chamber includes an alpha particle detector, pressure sensor and preamplifier of signals from the alpha detector.



Precise alpha spectroscopy is made possible by the silicon Ion implanted alpha particle detector. The thin entrance window of the detectors provides good energy resolution even when located in the proximity of the alpha radioactive source while also providing high efficiency registration of alpha particles.

Complete Set

  • Twelve alpha spectrometry chambers with preamplifiers, electronics, valves, etc.
  • Twelve alpha-particle detectors
  • Data acquisition and PC interface device
  • Built-in spectrometric device
  • Vacuum pump
  • AlphaPRO analysis software
  • PC with emulation software
  • Documentation set

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