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Helgeson Scientific Services (HSS) is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the nuclear sector, mainly focused in the design and manufacturing of body radiation detectors, area monitors and equipment control, all of them potentially exposed to radioactive contamination.

HSS also develops advanced engineering studies including mechanical, electronic, automation and software designs. This allows HSS to deliver specific solutions for each client complying with its requirements.

Its wide range of products covers prototypes and large scale productions always guaranteeing the best quality in each of its products.

In 1966, a group of engineers from Los Álamos, Vallecitos y Nat. Livermore Labs. founded in Pleasanton (California), Helgeson Nuclear Services with the commitment of designing, manufacturing and delivering top tier detection equipment.

In 1985 the company established in Spain its headquarters for Europe, with the task of manufacturing, installing and maintaining the full Body Radioactivity Counters models QUICKY and DIYS.

The company is dedicated to the area of Radiological Protection and Waste
Management (Decommissioning), being present in all the Spanish nuclear power plants.

Our market share is a 50% in external dosimetry, 40% in radiation portals and 95% in CRC (Body Radiation Counters).

In HSS, we design and manufacture our own micro-electronic solutions. This provides 100% customized devices that fit perfectly with customer’s requirements.

HSS is supported by the most important companies of the nuclear detection sector in the world. HSS acts as official distributor of Panasonic (global leader in the personnel dosimetry business), SCIONIX, BNC, etc.