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The HS-RAD application is a hardware management and control tool for the HS-RAM personal portal type equipment, for the measurement of radioactive contamination, which allows the user to configure the working parameters and electronic adjustments, as well as perform the calibrations necessary for the correct calculation of activity.


SysKey © is a security and data control system developed by Helgeson Scientific Services, consisting of personal keys of USB flash memory and software that allows controlling the access of users to the PC requesting their authentication.


The HSS-TLD software, from Helgeson Scientific Services, is capable of reading, processing, storing and managing the information contained in dosimeters. In turn, it allows the application of correction factors and the definition of algorithms for the calculation of net doses, as well as the generation of reports with the results obtained. This application is designed to work with Panasonic UD-706, UD-716 and UD-7900 readers (both in 710 and 716 mode).


ADQDIYS is the new body radiation measurement tool designed to work with DIYS and CSS counters, which allows executing a large number of functions according to the needs of users. The new application allows to control all the electronic systems that intervene in the acquisition process, through a clear and comfortable interface, where the most usual tools are always available to the operator.


The HSS-OTM application is designed for the operation of OTM equipment for Measurement of Tools. This application, in addition to keeping a continuous record of activities (and the possibility of generating reports), allows configuring all the parameters of the equipment (background times, count, alarm levels, etc.) as well as several operating modes.